For Sale - PR - 1716 - Zip Lock and Slider Zip Bags


Reference Number

PR - 1716


Zip Lock and Slider Zip Bags

Product Details

- Standard Bag: Plain or printed reclosable bags with or without colour line on the top of the profile.

- Tamper Evident Bag: the bottoms of bags are unsealed.

- PP Zip lock Bag: Very transparent, suitable for display your products available for length 2" - 8" thickness between 45-75 micron. Printed 1-2 colours.

- Pocket Bag or Specimen Bag: Seal sheet to normal bag to form a pocket or folded over the bottom plastic to make a pocket.

- Antistatic Bag: Provide protections for electronic components.

- Vented Bag: Vent air from bag.

- Saddle Bag: A twin bag configuration between two zippers to display or pack products together.

- Slider Zip bag: Very smooth very convenient available for length 5" - 20" thickness between 50-150 micron. Printed 1-6 colours.

- Bottom Gusseted Bag: A triangle bottom bag for expansion.

- Hang Hole Bag: Many kinds of whole i.e. round Hang hole, hardware hang hole, Euro - cut line hang hole, round and cut line hang hole & euro hang hole.

- Handle Grip Carry Bag: Provide a finger grip area create for carrying bag.