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Nylon (Polyamide) and Nylon Compounds

Suppliers of Polyamide, Nylon 6, Nylon 6/6, Nylon 11 and Nylon compounds for engineering, automotive electrical and other applications.

Polyamide (Nylon) 6
Polyamide 6 has high impact strength, but compared to PA 66 it is less resistant to wear, absorbs more moisture and does not offer as good dimensional stability.
Application of Nylon 6: high impact stress parts such as gears, lightly loaded slider pads, hammer heads.

Polyamide (Nylon) 66
Nylon 66 is mainly used for smaller diameters. Compared to Nylon 6, Polyamide 66 is harder and has better wear properties. It is often used for slider pads.

Polyamide (Nylon) 12
Nylon 12 has very high impact resistance and good wear resistance. Because of its low absorption of moisture the material has highly stable dimensions and changes its mechanical features only very slightly.

Nylon (Polyamide) and Nylon Compounds

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Kopa-PA6 is the plastic material based on polyamide. That is a thermoplastic resin which are environmental friendly i.e.RoHS response and recycle available. Kopa is widely used in the manufacture of automobile and industrial parts. Properties are - - Go  ...more
Polyamide 12 Vestamid, Vestosint & Trogamid - Evonik Range of Products Properties and Benefits are - - Good Hydrolysis resistance i.e. lowest water absorption - UV resistance - Optimised heat stabiliser which improves long-term performance of polyamide w  ...more
Polyamide - Polyamide is one of the most valuable engineering plastics, particularly for applications requiring high mechanical properties, along with chemical and temperature resistance, plus an excellent finish. Polyamide is often the perfect answer for d  ...more
Polyamide 11 - Rilsan - Possesses superior mechanical properties, excellent impact strength and abrasion resistance, very satisfactory ability to withstand ageing, high resistance to attack by most chemicals. Working Temperature -400 C to 1300 C Polyamid  ...more
Akulon PA6, PA66 (Core Polyamides for Injection Moulding, Extrusion and E Moulding): DSM is a proven supplier of Polyamides 6 and 66: We fully backward integrated into caprolactam and global ability of PA6 is assured through Polymerization plants in rope and   ...more
Nylon 4/6
Stanyl PA46 (High Performance Polyamide) DSM is the world's sole supplier of Stanyl polyamide 46. This high performance engineering plastic has excellent mechanical and electrical properties at elevated temperatures up to 290 Degree C. Stanyl's h  ...more
Nylon 1) Ultramid C40 L 07 - Ultramid® C40 L 07 is a lubricated co-polyamide 6/66 grade of high viscosity for the production of monofilaments and blown film. - Ultramid® C40 L 07 is well suited for the production of high transparency, nonsymetric blow  ...more
Chopped Glass Filled Nylon Compounds: Soltex offers specially treated chopped glass fibers compounded with nylons with 15 percent to 30 percent glass filling. Soltex nylon compounds are made to impart high mechanical properties and heat resistance to the comp  ...more
Nylon 12
Arkema Rilsan Clear Nylon Product Line: Rilsan Clear G350 is the next step in the evolution of flexible, durable, easily processed transparent polyamides. Brief History of Transparent Polyamides: The chemistry and benefits of transparent polya  ...more
Nylon 12
Arkema RILSAN A Polyamide 12: RILSAN A possesses superior mechanical properties, excellent impact strength, and abrasion resistance, very satisfactory ability to withstand ageing, high resistance to attack by most chemicals, especially hydrocarbon  ...more
Nylon 11
Arkema RILSAN B Polyamide 11: RILSAN B possesses superior mechanical properties, excellent impact strength and abrasion resistance, very satisfactory ability to withstand ageing, high resistance to attack by most chemicals, especially hydrocarbons  ...more
Nylon 6/6
Rhodia Polyamide 6 & 66 Technyl: Rhodia is the worldwide specialist in engineering polyamides. Rhodia Engineering Plastic offers the industry's largest polyamide brand, Technyl and serves its customers through the development of innovative and  ...more
Nylon 6
Nylon, polyamides & engineering plastics: Durethan(R) is the trade name for our range of engineering thermoplastics based on polyamide 6 and polyamide 66. Polyamides are partially crystalline plastics which offer an ideal combination of proper  ...more
Nylon Transparent
We offer Transparent Nylon used for spectacle frames. Rupal Plastics can deliver: - Product and application development assistance - Importing specialty polymers as per customer's demand - Just-in-time supplies from a host of enginee  ...more
Nylon 6
We offer High Temperature Nylon, Zytel HTN brand used for connectors, motor housings, transformer components. Rupal Plastics can deliver: - Product and application development assistance - Importing specialty polymers as per customer's demand   ...more
Nylon 6/6
We offer Nylon 6/66, Zytel brand used for switches, plugs, wheel cover, chair bases, spectacle frames, insulating liners for railways, nose cones for defense, vacuum cleaner housings, mono-filaments, connectors, and radiator end tanks. Rupal Pl  ...more
Halogen-Free Flame - Resistant Polyamide for electrical applications Main properties: - Non-halogen flame-retarded - According with the RoHS' requirement for 6 kinds of deleterious materials - High CTI value - Low proportion - Excellent heat resistanc  ...more
Modified Nylon *Glass - Fiber Reinforced and Flame Retarded PA 66 Application range: Electronic / civil and industrial low voltage apparatus Typical application: High break ability auto control electric instruments shell, electric cabinet baffle, dra  ...more
High CTI Value Halogen free, Environmental Protection, Flame-resistant And Reinforced Polyamide * Halogen free, flame resistant and mineral reinforced PA6 Application range: Household Appliances / industry electric appliance Typical Applications: The   ...more
Polyamide resin (PA6/PA66) - Nylon 6 & 66, also referred to as PA6, PA66 - Polyamide resin, is a type of nylon - Nylon comes in many types, the two most common for textile and plastics industries are: nylon 6 and nylon 6.6 - Nylon 6.6 has a melting point  ...more
Nylon 6
The Ultramid grades are polyamide molding compounds based on PA 6, PA 66 and various copolymers such as PA 6/66, PA 66/6 and partly aromatic polyamide. Due to their outstanding properties these materials have become indispensable in almost all field  ...more
We provide quality recycled granules from Industrial waste. Regular Supplies can be assured. 1. Nylon Black and grey. 2.Nylon Glassfilled as well mineral filled in Black and grey.Our material is also suitable for Plunger type machines  ...more
Nylon Raw Material: We deal in Nylon-6, Nylon 6.6, Nylon-11, 12, MoS2, Fire Retardant grades. Glassfilled Nylon 10 percent / 20 percent / 30 percent. We supply Nylon in colours in virgin and next to virgin qualities.  ...more
Nylon 6/6
Long Glass Fiber Thermoplastics - PA 6.6 Long Glass Fiber Reinforced - 20 - 70 % glass reinforced. - Excellent mechanical properties. - Excellent HDT values. - Approved by the leading automotive parts producers.  ...more
We constantly enhance our recycling facilities and have achieved complete automation in our production methods. With advanced machinery and processes such as twin screw extruders, fully automated feeders, vacuum vent, side feeders dosing, dehumidified drying,   ...more
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