Reference Numbers

PTP - 1476


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Product Details

1. Applicable material: OPP, PET, CPP, PVC(soft), Shrinkable PVC film, Shrinkable PP Film, PE, Paper, Metalized Paper, Aluminum Foil, Copper CoilFoil, Non-Woven Cloth.

2. Rewinding type: Differential center rewinding with duplex rewind-shafts.

3. Unwinding section :(a)Unwind-stand with shaftless hydraulic loading clamps. (Hydraulic up/down, left/ right moving).

(b)Equipped with Digital type line position control (LPC) to ensure accurate slitting position.

4. Unwinding tension control: Equipped with automatic tension controller and load-cells. The actual tension is digitally displayed, increasing the tension control precision with minimal operation effort.

5. Slitting section :(a)Equipped with razor cutter and circular shear cutter as well as grooved roller (for razor cutter). Shear knife cutting or razor blade cutting in the air or groove is available according to material characteristics.

(b)Equipped with swing-out type bottom cutter shaft that makes mounting bottom cutters safer and easier.

(c)Safety guard design complies with CE regulation.

(d)Static eliminating device equipped.

(e)Automatic counter with two-step deceleration function not only can stop the machine when reaching the pre-set length, but also can maintain stable tension before machine comes to complete stop.

6. Rewinding section :(a)Swing-out/Lift-up compatible type rewind-stand makes unloading more flexible.

(b)Equipped with DAH BAH patent bakelite collars (Patent No.58817), which not only can raise the concentricity of the paper cores and finish rolls, but also can make unloading easier without causing paper dust.

(c)Equipped with diameter-detector to control rewind-motor¡¦s speed, and prevent bakelite collars from heating.

(d)Individual pneumatic control for each lay-on roller provides steadier rewinding condition.

7. Rewinding tension control:(a) Individual tension detectors for two rewinding sections provide accurate and steady tension control.

(b)Equipped with advanced tracking rollers, which can track the changing of the finish rolls' diameter and maintain a steady rewind tension to provide stable rewinding and neat edges of finish-rolls.

(c)Equipped with taper tension control, providing superior rewind-tension for thin films whose thickness are under 15µ.

8. Trimmed waste: Equipped with blower, expulsion tube, and build-in 400M/min trim rewinder.

9. Computer control system with Man-Machine Interface :(a)Touch-screen makes operation easier and faster.

(b)Data base for saving 100 sets of working parameters for easy setup or review.

(c)Alarm messages are displayed on the screen.

(d)Operation and maintenance procedures and parameters are memorized in the computer control system for easy setup or review

10 Optional Accessories :(a)Mechanical shaft for different cores.

(b)Rewinding airshaft system.

(c)Splicing table with suction device.

(d)Unloading device

(e)Shear cutter blade/razor blade/cutter holder

(f)Banana roller / Expanding roller