For Sale - PTP - 1481 - Wide Printing Roll Rewinding/Inspecting Machine


Reference Numbers

PTP - 1481


Wide Printing Roll Rewinding/Inspecting Machine
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Product Details

1.Applicable materials: Inspect the defectives of the printed film and laminate.

2. Rewinding type: Center rewinding with single rewind shafts.

3. Unwinding section:(a) Equipped with air-shafts (dia.3") making loading and unloading easier.

(b) Equipped with edge position control (EPC) to provide accurate film positioning

4. Tension control:Equipped with automatic tension controller and load-cells. The actual tension is digitally displayed, increasing the tension control precision with minimal operation effort.

5. Inspecting section:(a) Equipped with inspecting acrylic board and fluorescent lamps making inspecting easier.

(b) Static eliminating device equipped.

(c) Equipped with automatic counter which will stop the machine when reaching the pre-set length.

6. Rewinding section:(a)Equipped with air-shafts (dia.3") making loading and unloading easier.

(b) Press-roller equipped with constant pressure control system.

7. Optional Accessories:(a) Reversible running (Standard equipment for RE-100R)

(b) Splicing table with suction device

(c) Synchronizing stroboscope with photo sensor

(d) Inspecting camera with monitor

(e) 6" air chuck

(f) Trimming cutter with blower and expulsion tube

(g) Line position control (LPC)

(h) Trim rewinder