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PTP - 1484


Cutting Machine
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Product Details

1.Applicable Material:Paper, plastic films

2.Main Drive:Main driving DC motor, provide stable cutting speed

3.Unwind Section:Equipped with feeding motor and position detector, which provide stable tension for films before inserting into cutting section

4.Perforation:There are two types of perforators installed in this machine: Circular type and straight type, which can perforate the label vertically and horizontally at the same time.

5.Cutting Section:(a) Equipped with servo motor and driver, the machine can speed up to 400 cuts/min(as the cutting length is less than 50mm), and raise the accuracy of cutting length
(b) Equipped with photo sensor (German made), provide accurate cutting position control.
(c) Equipped with straight cutter and lug cutter (lug in front & cavity in back), it can cut various kinds of labels

6.Optional Accessories:(a) Paper core unwind device
(b) Automatic unwind tension controller
(c) Lug cutter (lug in front & cavity in back, or lug in front & straight in back)
(d) Conveyer
(e) Sealing station (Model: CD-30SS)