For Sale - PTP - 1485 - Automatic Spout Inserting & Sealing Machine (Servo System)


Reference Numbers

PTP - 1485


Automatic Spout Inserting & Sealing Machine (Servo System)
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Product Details

1.Applicable Material: Sealable laminated bag with sealable spout.

2.Spout Position: On bag open top or 45¢X of bag corner.

3.Main Drive: Main driving AC servomotor with driver and speed reducer, which can provide accurate spout / bag feeding position.

4.Bag Feeding Section: Equipped with AC servomotor with driver, which can raise the bag-feeding speed and provide accurate bag-feeding time.

5.Spout Feeding Section: Vibration type automatic spout feeding device provides reliable spout feeding.

6.Spout sealing section: AC servomotor controlled 4-steps spout sealing device (Bag-angle cutting / Pre-heating / Sealing / Cooling) ensures the best sealing quality.

7.Computer control system with touch-screen:(a) Build-in temperature control on the touch-screen controlling 4 sets of heaters.

(b) Constant sealing time control system

(c) Auto-counter with Totalizer

(d) Programmable logic control (PLC)