For Sale - PTP - 1595 - Bottom Seal Bag Machine


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PTP - 1595


Bottom Seal Bag Machine
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Product Details

Features and Benefits

1) Excellent Seal Quality & Strength

(a) Impulse sealing by hot wire system suitable for different material types.

(b) Independent control of upper and lower sealing temperatures ensure strong seals for thin and heavy gauge film.

2) Efficient Cutting with Flying Knife System

(a) Excellent cutting characteristics on all film types and qualities.

(b) Cold cut eliminates sticking at open end of bag.

(c) Excellent cutting allows mutli-lane production.

(d) Optional servo driven flying knife allows operation at higher speeds.

3) Clamp Stacking Results in Neat Even Stacks

(a) Pre-determined bag and stack counter.

(b) Bag length can be varied for each alternate bag to avoid seal sticking.

(c) Self indexing convenyor improves operator efficiency.

4) Versatility/Flexibility

a) Available also in dual track servo driven draw rolls to run 2 independent bags of different lenghts and prints.

b) Works with different film types & gauges.

- from HDPE garbage bags to heavy duty LDPE raw material bags

c) Various optional accessories are availabe for different bag styles.