For Sale - PTP - 1596 - Side Seal Bag Machine


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PTP - 1596


Side Seal Bag Machine
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Product Details

Features and Benefits

High Performance

* Up to 220 cycles per minute.

* Machine stability at high .

* Single roll dancer in conjuction with web dancer for improved tension control.

Quick Change Over & User Friendly

* Operating parameters such as machine speed, drawlength,seal temperature, stack count can be easily changed without stopping the machine.

* LCD touch screen for various functions.

Strong Seals

* Consistent seal quality due to use of high thermal conductivity seal bar material resulting in uniform temperature profile

* Range of seal bars with different seal radius for sealing different material blends (LDPE, HDPE, PP, Co-ex)

Reliability & Good Versatility

* Sturdy construction for reliable long hour operation.

* Gear railing allows easy mounting of attachments enabling different style bags to be made.