For Sale - PTP - 1597 - T - Shirt Bag Machine


Reference Numbers

PTP - 1597


T - Shirt Bag Machine
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Product Details

Features and Benefits

High Performance

* Speeds of up to 200cpm and suitable for different material types.

* Independent control of upper and lower sealing temperatures ensure strong seals for different gauge film.

Strong Seals

* Consistent seal quality through use of high conductivity sealing bar material.


* Use of high quality servo motors and PLC ensure consistent performance.

Low Downtime/Low Scrap

* All operating parameters such as speed, bag length, photocell, stack count can be adjusted while the machine is running.

* Precise print registration reduces printed film scrap.

Ease of Operation

* Fully automatic hydraulic/pneumatic die-cut with self indexing conveyor improves operator efficiency.

* Control buttons on both sides of machine allow ease of operation.

Optional auto folding of each stack of bags enhances operator productivity.