For Sale - PTP - 1893 - Semi - Automatic L - Sealers


Reference Number

PTP - 1893


Semi - Automatic L - Sealers



Product Details

Our Semi-Automatic L-Sealers are built for applications that require packaging line speeds approaching those of fully automatic sealers, but where equipment cost is a factor or where the product does not lend itself to automatic handling. Our Semi-Automatic L-Sealers provide higher outputs from 600 to 1000 packs per hour. Our Semi-Automatic L-Sealer series is characterized by its extreme modularity, as it can be supplied with or without shrink tunnel. Compared to the traditional L-Sealing hood packaging machines, the FP series provides higher outputs as well as the possibility of using Polyethylene film, besides PVC and Polyolefin.

- Simple: Easy to set up and maintain
- Rugged: Ensures years of efficiency
- Versatile: Easy to operate, easy to change over
- Innovative: Available with new Smart knife system that extends sealing life and increases operator efficiency
- Modular construction permits maximum efficiency minimum maintenance.
- Teflon coated sealing knife.
- Compact and rugged industrial design
- Programmable seal dwell timer and seal temperature controller.
- Roller film carriage for easy film loading.
- Blade protection device prevents excess pressure transfer on blades while cutting harder package.
- Works with all types of shrink film