For Sale - PTP - 1894 - Semi-Automatic Shrink Packaging System


Reference Number

PTP - 1894


Semi-Automatic Shrink Packaging System



Product Details

Modularity and excellent price / quality ratio is the main feature characterizing Semi-automatic shrink packaging system. Compared to traditional chamber type shrink packaging machines. Our shrink packaging system provides higher output as well as the possibility of using Polyethylene film, besides Polyolefin and PVC.

- Teflon coated sealing knife
- Adjustable working height of the sealer
- Product discharge by PTA
- Programmable sealing temperature.
- Tunnel conveyor with Teflon coated live rollers.
- Variable speed of tunnel conveyor.
- Advance temperature control of Shrink Tunnel.
- Consistent and Improved airflow in Shrink Tunnel.
- Lower wattage Air fin / Infrared heaters.
- Reduced Power Consumption.