For Sale - PTP - 1976 - Duplex Cantilever Hi-Tech Slitter Rewinder


Reference Number

PTP - 1976


Duplex Cantilever Hi-Tech Slitter Rewinder



Product Details

Our Hi-Speed Multipurpose Slitter rewinder is Duplex cantilever shaft center winding machine capable of handling virtually any material like laminates, Paper, Polyester, PVC film, Aluminium foil at high speeds. It is designed for easy operation by single operator.

Technical Data: Cantilever rewinding shafts consist of alternate quick lock, pneumatic thruster, individual shaft lock and double bearing block support for smooth operation. Pneumatic door-lock and opening system. Hardened live center for shaft free end support. Pneumatic individual lay-on rollers and rubber roll operation. Individual synchronized drive for both rewind shaft and main motor. Line guiding system and auto tension control system at unwind. Adjustable passing rollers before nip unit. Razor blade in groove roll and rotary cutting system. All rollers are heavy duty and dynamically balanced.

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