For Sale - PTP - 2078 - High Speed Slit Seal T-shirt Bag Making Machine


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PTP - 2078


High Speed Slit Seal T-shirt Bag Making Machine


XL Plastics, India

Product Details

T-shirt bag maker comes in different models to suit specific function and as per width of the bag to be manufactured. This is the first of its kind machine manufactured in India giving high speed production with complete automation to get the finished bag ready to be packed.

VSL Series Models:
a) VSL - V2X - 1100 Delta
b) VSL - V3X - 1600 Delta

- High speed T-shirt bag making machine with slit seal and online side gusseting
- Servo motor driven machine for high productivity
- High speed up to 440 bags/min.
- Converts single jumbo parent roll into 2 smaller rolls
- Side gusseting is done online in a single operation
- Perfect accuracy in bag length due to servo indexing
- Very good seal strength as sealing and cutting are done in single operation
- Photocell to convert printed roll
- Surface driven unwind system to accommodate roll up to 1100 mm wide and 500 kg
- Online pneumatic punching station for handle punching of stacked bunch
- Finished bags are stacked on the auto conveyor ready for packing
- Automatic scrap removal of punching waste

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