For Sale - PTP - 2081 - Double Decker Vest Type Bag Making Machine


Reference Number

PTP - 2081


Double Decker Vest Type Bag Making Machine


XL Plastics, India

Product Details

- High Speed up to 120 strokes / min (~ 400 bags / min)
- Finished Bags ready for Packing
- Two Lane Double Decker Converts Four Webs
- Servo Motor for Indexing and Accuracy
- Microprocessor Controlled with Digital Display
- Keypad Setting for Speed, Size and Count

Unwind System:
- 4 Unwind Stands with Friction Brake
- 4 Pull Rolls with Individual Motor and Inverter Drive
- Gravity Feed with Infra Red Sensor for Feed Control

Online Blocking and Punching:
- Blocking of Bags on Pins-Predetermined Count
- Online Punching on Hydro-pneumatic Press
- Automatic Cut-out Waste Removal and Collection

Sealing and Cutting:
- Tensionless Sealing for Strong Seal
- Clean Cutting by Shear Blades

Finished Product Quality:
- Pre-counted Bags Delivered on Conveyer
- Neat Stacks of Bags ready for Shipping

Advantage: Machines manufactured by XL Plastics are designed for continuous duty and maintenance free operation. Some of these standard features on all the machines not only make them more reliable but also efficient and operator friendly.

- Fully Assembled and Pre Wired: The Machine is fully assembled and tested prior to shipping. The Pre-wired ad Modular design of the Machine Makes it Easy for Assembly and Maintenance.
- Standard Machine: The Standard Machine Comprise of Four Unwind Stands, Four Pull Rolls, Two Sealing Stations, Draw Rollers, Shear Cutting, Blocking Station, Hydro-pneumatic Punch, Waste Removal System and Conveyer System.
- Motors and Drives: Main Motor and other Motors are all AC Motors with Variable Speed Control By inverter Drives.
- PID Temperature Controller: PID Temperature Controller with digital display maintains accurate sealer temperature to give consistent quality of sealing.

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