For Sale - PTP - 2207 - Single Wall Corrugators Machine


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PTP - 2207


Single Wall Corrugators Machine


Volcano Flexi Tech - India

Product Details

Volcano Corrugators for in-line production of single-wall corrugated pipes can process LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC, EVA…etc.
One can process pipe sizes between Ø10-50 mm size or Tailor made as per your required corrugation profile. It is equipped with all necessary supporting accessories like Indirect surface cooling by chilled water, Blower type Air cooling, Centralized Lubrication System for Oil working on time based pulse, Pipe Length counter etc.

Volcano manufacturers plant with optimum engineered design, accurately machine parts, close modular, compactness, aesthetic based & latest ergonomics. Ease to charge mould blocks of different pipe sizes gives the plant operational simplicity.

Low routine maintenance cost, less power consumption, quick after sale services gives finishing touch to a top-of-the-line finished product from our Pipe Corrugation Plant.

Plant Range - Corrugation plant for single wall corrugated pipe in models of machine viz:
OD: Ø10-50 mm & Ø50-160 mm, while for double wall corrugated pipe is of OD: Ø50-160 mm.

We can easily design & supply any other corrugated pipe plant other than our above regular demand sizes.

Technical Specifications
- Drive: Standard Make 2HP/3HP, 3PH1500rpm Gear motor with A.C. Supply.
- A.C. Variable Drive: 0.5 M/min to 15M/min Variable Speed Drive.
- Lubrication System: Centralised Lubrication system used to give specific drop at specific place to easily slide with low friction.
- Cooling System: Water Cooling: Built-in filtered cooling system having inlet connection of chilled water, Air Cooling: Air cooling of Blower Motor Housing.
- Pipe Size: from 10 mm to 50 MM OD
- Overall Dimensions: 3000 mm length x 700 mm Width x 1200 mm Height.
Total Weight: Approximate 750 Kgs.

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