For Sale - PTP - 2208 - Double Wall Corrugator Machine


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PTP - 2208


Double Wall Corrugator Machine


Volcano Flexi Tech - India

Product Details

To strengthen corrugated pipe for use in high pressure & high impact applications, Volcano have developed a mile stone double wall corrugator of marvelously crafted article of plastic technology. For similar material of inner & outer tube, single extruders used with special die head, while for non-similar material of inner & outer tube, duel extruders with specific cross die head is used. Here inner tube protects & conveys material at minimum loss of friction & pressure, while corrugated outer adds protective mechanical properties Depending on material, welding junction zone of adjacent pipe surfaces gives additional strength like as of spiral breaded design.

This pipe made from a wide range of thermoplastic materials including PE, HDPE & PP etc. These pipes are used in various indoor, outdoor, underground applications like.
Agriculture: Land drainage systems, irrigation, Greenhouse drainage, field irrigation etc.
Automotive: Air conditioning ducts, radiators, vacuum lines, gas lines.
Construction: Sewage & Drainage foundation drainage, cable ducts, heating & ventilation ducts, water pipe insulation, Vacuum Hoses.

Technical Specifications
- Drive: Standard Make 5HP/7HP, 3PH1500rpm Gear motor with A.C. Supply.
- A.C. Variable Drive: 0.5 M/min to 10 M/min Variable Speed Drive.
Lubrication System: Centralised Lubrication system used to give specific drop at specific place to easily slide with low friction.
- Cooling System:
Water Cooling: Built-in filtered cooling system having inlet connection of chilled water.
Air-Cooling: Air cooling of Blower Motor Housing.
- Pipe Size: from 50 mm to 160 mm OD
- Overall Dimensions: 4500 mm length x 1500 mm Width x 1200 mm Height.
- Total Weight: Approximate 1800 Kgs.

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