For Sale - PTP - 2357 - CNC Multi Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine


Reference Number

PTP - 2357


CNC Multi Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine



Product Details

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting
- Fast transition from drawing to cutting.
- High Accuracy no secondary cutting required.
- Burr free finish.
- Small Kerfs.
- Ideal for quick prototype, flexible production.
- Most suitable for high volume production.
- Customized system solution.
- No thermal influence solution.
- Low cutting & low reaction forces.
- Safer for operation.

Waterjet AN Overview
- Water jet cutting machine works by flowing a large volume of water through a large orifice in the nozzle.
- A series of high pressure lines, pumps and intensifiers force a stream of filtered water through a tiny orifice in the jewel.
- A high pressure stream mixes with fine abrasive in a tube to provide extra ordinary cutting power.
- Motion control is the heat of this machine which transports jet nozzles along programmed paths to cut complex profile.
- Cuts almost all material cost effectively.