For Sale - PTP - 2416 - Plasma Surface Modification of Plastic Parts


Reference Number

PTP - 2416


Plasma Surface Modification of Plastic Parts



Product Details

Surfaces of plastic parts can be changed significantly in their properties by plasma treatments:

The surface tension can be reduced (Plasma Activation) to achieve a better wettability. By this a considerable improvement for a painting, printing or bonding will be reached.

To avoid a wetting of plastic parts by oil or similar such parts can be coated (Plasma Epilamisation).

The remove of coatings or the cleaning of plastic parts with a plasma process is possible (Plasma Etching). Such prepared plastic parts are clean and wettable excellently.

The plasma technology has a lot of advantages compared to other surface technologies:
- Pollution free, because no toxic media are used or produced by the processes.
- Reproducible results by the use of free programmable computers.
- Automatic handling and integration in the production cycle possible.
- Gentle treatment of the plastic parts due to no remarkable temperature increase and due to no use of acids etc.

In the vacuum chamber the plasma is created by electric fields. By this gas molecules and atoms will be ionized and they will be ionized and they will influence the plastic surface. By the addition of small amounts of special process gases the surfaces will be influenced specifically. The plasma for the treatment of plastics will be produced by microwaves or high-frequent alternating voltages.

Equipment: The Plasma activation plant mainly consists of three components:
- The vacuum vessel
- The Plasma generator
- The process control unit.

The equipment takes only little space, and its modular structure allows flexible planning, guarantees fast installation and highly economical output.

The devices and internal processes are completely controlled by a process controller, which optionally can be remotely operated by a master controller. Routines for surface treatments can be executed directly or programmed individually, to run fully automatically afterwards.

Before client installation the entire plant will be fully tested by us, according to the client's real operating conditions. Safety and reliability are therefore guaranteed, from the very beginning.