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PTP - 2417


Dry Plasma Surface Treatment Equipment



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Dry Processing Technology: Plasma, technology allows dry processing of materials to achieve new products or replace products of traditional wet processing.

Plasma also called the 4th State of matter is an electromagnetic gas discharge an ionising gas. This ionising gas, consisting of atoms, molecules, radicals, ions, electrons, ihas the potential to super-fine-clean products, to activate, etch or finish products, to coat materials by our polymerization

With this technology, it is possible to perform surface engineering without interfering with the bulk properties of the substrate.

- DRY: no solvents, water or heating required.
- Environmentally friendly
- Flexible: Various processes possible.
- Qualitative: High level of surface modification and finishing, uniform processing
- Low cost Processing

General applications:
- Activation and cleaning of metallic, ceramic and other polymer surfaces.
- Removal of organic impurities
- Hydrophilisation and activation (chemical functionalisation) of plastic surface.

- Automotive: before flocking, gluing or painting of interior parts and before painting of bumpers.
- Medical: before gluing and printing of catheters, valves, syringes, etc.
- Consumer electronics: Compact disc player plastic parts, mobile phone covers…
- Electronic: cleaning and etching of PCB's and connectors.
- Textiles and foams: hydrophilisation, hydrophobation and oleophobation.

The processes
- Cleaning: Removal of invisible organic contamination and adsorption layers. Also thin coatings can be removed. A super-fine-cleaning which can solve adhesion problems and improve quality.
- Activation: The preparation of polymer and natural substrates prior to gluing, printing and painting, by creating bonding sites on the surface.
- Polymerisation: Sub-micron highly cross-linked layer deposition by means of plasma technology to get new structured performance coatings and finishing.
Examples are hydrophobic, oleophobic, permanent hydrophilic and barrier coatings.