For Sale - PTP - 2426 - 6 in 1 Multi-Function Sealing and Cutting Machine


Reference Number

PTP - 2426


6 in 1 Multi-Function Sealing and Cutting Machine

Product Details

- Specially Designed for adhesive bag, name card album, my bag, book cover, sheet protector and L-File (E310). May be completed on fully automatic production from material in-feeding to finished product to save labor cost and increase production capacity.
- Uses high quality and high performance parts to incorporate with all kinds of controlling and monitoring system. In case of any trouble during operation, it will stop automatically and ring an alarm to avoid wastage of raw material, as well as to protect the machine.
- The sealing equipment is of special movable silicon ring belt design to enable the data pocket of different specifications and types. Wide application range.
- The sealing equipment uses multiple sets of ultrasonic sealer to ensure elegant, tight and trim sealing of product.
- In-feeding stand uses auto-edge tracing device and auto-Tension controller, it is easy and convenient to operate.
- Additionally, this machine which incorporates computer operations can make zip-slide bag and CD pocket with different molds.