For Sale - PTP - 2428 - Twin Line Pocket Sealing and Cutting Machine


Reference Number

PTP - 2428


Twin Line Pocket Sealing and Cutting Machine



Product Details

Pocket sealing and cutting machine for twin line data with double servo motor computer style
- Specially designed for all kinds of data pocket, twin-line production. It may be completed on production line from material in-feeding to finished product which will save labor cost and increase production capacity.
- This unit uses special cutter and sealer to do synchronous action to ensure the size of the data be uniform, the sealing line be neat and elegant and the waste ratio will be minimum.
- This unit accomodates all kinds of precision and durable punching mold with very low breakdown rate, and may match servo motor and digital compounding unit for length control to make very precise punching position which is uneasy to run off.
- This unit uses high quality, high performance parts to incorporate with all kinds of control and monitor systems. During operation, anything unusual may automatically stop the machine with alarm to avoid waste material and to protect the machine.
- The sealing equipment is of special design which may enable the data pocket to be in different specifications and types; the purpose of application covers a wide range.