For Sale - PTP - 2440 - 3D Surface Treatment Lines


Reference Number

PTP - 2440


3D Surface Treatment Lines



Product Details

Bulk Surface Treater: 3D Plastic Surface Treater incorporating patented open air plasma technology to treat any plastic part unoriented.

In Line Treater: Same type of equipment as the bulk treater but allows for treatment of product in an oriented fashion

Compact Treater: Revolutionary breakthrough in 3D plastic treating. The machine is half the size of the standard treater yet treats parts in the same manner as the bulk or in line unit

Forced Air Plasma Treater: used on smaller profile parts in line or hand held. Is ideal for lab testing or surface treating that requires significant mobility. Can also be integrated in pad printers for full automated operation

Cold Flame Treater: The ideal replacement for in line flame treating systems. The system is cost effective, has a small footprint and gives the same level of treatment as other treaters

Internal Plasma Treater: Treats the inside and outside of hollow plastic parts for the adhesion of barrier coatings, foams, and other materials

Treat Indirect Electrode: Unique corona treating system that is perfect for flat of semi curved plastic parts of any thickness