For Sale - PTP - 2499 - Dry and Wet Laminating Machine


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PTP - 2499


Dry and Wet Laminating Machine



Product Details

The modern way to productivity and profit. Combines dry and wet laminating in one machine. Our laminating machines offer dry and wet lamination, providing different alternatives to satisfy current customer requirements.

Applications: For Surface Treatment of BOPP, CPP, PET Plated Film, PE Plated Film, Nylon.

Laminating Mechanism
- Hot oil circulation on the steel roller ensures even temperature.
- High productivity ensures solid laminating.

Smoothing Roller
- Reversible high efficiency smooth roller.
- Extremely uniform coating effect, with no air bubbles during lamination.

Applications: Our dry / wet laminating machines are excellent for laminating a wide variety of soft packaging materials such as OPP, CPP, cellophane, aluminium foil, paper etc.

Features and Construction
- Suitable for coating and laminating all types of packaging materials.
- Laminating width can be made to meet specific requirements.
- High performance synchronized control by PLC gives convenient operation.
- Reversible smoothing roller prevents air bubbles during lamination.
- Different options of heat supply available: steam, hot oil, gas and electric heating.
- 4-zone dring: Superior drying performance without waste of solvent.

- Machine Speed: 170 m/min
- Laminating Speed: Laminating speed depends on raw material.
- Laminating width: 1000mm / 1200mm
- Max. Unwinding Dia.: Ø 600mm
- Max. Rewinding Dia. Ø 800mm