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PTP - 2604


Servo Driven Pouch Making System VEGA 610


Mamata Machinery, India

Product Details

We offer pouch making machines with processing flexibility to meet changing market needs.
Mamata's Vega 610 pouch making system is uniquely engineered all servo system. Fast changing needs can easily be catered to with Vega 610.

Our Pouch making machines are EFFICIENT, EASY TO SET UP AND OPERATE
Conventionally Pouches are made from Laminates of PET / BOPP, and other substrates. These structures are relatively easy to process on pouch makers. With changing market needs, rapidly progressing packaging industry needs pouches made from structures with better barrier property and higher shelf life. Pouches Made from CO-ex structures of PA and EVOH is becoming one of the prime requirements of the Market. To process such difficult materials with equal ease as laminates has always been a challenge for pouch making machinery manufacturers.

We at MAMATA decided to accept this challenge and created fully Servo Driven Vega 610 Pouch Making System.

Highlighting Features :
• Exceptional sealing parameter control.
• Superior web Handling.
• Excellent ease of operation and controls.
• Versatile system for processing different films and zips with control at your finger tip.

Exceptional Sealing Parameter Control
The design of the Sealing Station plays the most important Role to process supported and Un-supported films. Three important parameters Sealing Pressure, Sealing Temperature and Sealing Time decide the quality and seal integrity of Pouches. Most of the systems available today are equipped with control on sealing time and sealing temperature.

What differentiates Vega 610 from other systems is its Sealing Pressure Control. In all pneumatically powered systems, Impact of sealers on web is not controlled. This Impact weakens the pouch from the edge of the seal and the chances of the pouch failing from edge of the seal are very high. The impact also effects sealing of sticky/soft webs like PA/PE or EVOH based structures.

In Vega 610, the sealers are driven by Servos, as it approaches the web without IMPACT, the servo control system creates precise and very consistent pressure for sealing.

Vega 610 has discrete sealing system. The rear part of the machine has separate modules for longitudinal sealing and cooling. Sealing modules for Transverse seal are laid in front area of bed. Every sealer and every module is independently driven by a Servo with its independent control on sealing parameters.

Another unique feature of the machine is we can use different types of Zips without needing large set up time due to it's unique Gap Control Feature. All you do is Set the zip thickness and use appropriate sealer on zip module besides threading zip!

Superior Web Handling and Tension Control
The film undergoes number of operations until it is converted in to a pouch of desired size and shape. Mainly involving forming (folding and/or gusset forming), sealing in longitudinal and transverse directions, matching other substrates like zip and gusset etc.. Variety of pouches made from different substrates needs suitable tension values during the process. Vega 610 takes care of these needs in special tension zones. One can set different tension values with consistency and precision to perform it's function in given Zone.

Unwinding and Forming Zone (Zone 1)
The system includes servo center driven unwinder with capability to handle large rolls equipped with servo edge control, motorized roll lifting, air-shaft, safety chucks and reel pre-exhaust alarm.

Servo driven unwinder feeds film in to this first tension control zone. This zone controls tension from unwinding of the web until it enters the main unwinding nip. Servo tension control system carries two dancer rolls controlled by Servo motor. Tension values are digitally set. The force on the web is precisely controlled within 1% of set value removing flapping in the film and consistent center Fold.

Anti-bounce and Zip/Gusset Union Zone (Zone 2) From this point onwards, the film enters into intermittent path. To take care of jerks due to index, this part is equipped with servo controlled anti-bounce system. Main unwinding nip is also servo driven. Tension in this zone is set digitally. It is also the area where the zip and / or gusset in bottom is inserted for stand up pouches.

Long Sealing Zone (Zone 3)
The servo driven center film index nip assisted by a tail feed nip forms this zone. This zone seals film in longitudinal direction and zip as well as gusset inserts. As the seal is performed in machine direction it requires different tension.

Transverse Sealing Zone (Zone 4)
This zone controls web tension while sealing across the web. This operation allows index of film almost free of tension to avoid stretch in sealed area. Rigid structures with PET may not be affected greatly, but PA and EVOH based structures get weak and stretch when hot. This tension zone takes care of this prime need.

Excellent Ease of Operation and Controls
Mamata team has thought deeply to integrate controls. We spend lot of efforts to see that we do the thinking and not the operator.

Any good pouch making system will have lot of control parameters for different functions. But many times, we will see that important process parameters are not easily accessible for changing or for viewing. These may be hidden in some of the menus of screen. Vega 610 has all-important sealing and web handling related parameters always accessible to the operator. This reduces set up times and gives lot of comfort to operator.

All controls are ergonomically laid out and fully digital.

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