For Sale - PTP - 2638 - Narrow Web Corona Treater


Reference Number

PTP - 2638


Narrow Web Corona Treater


Eltech Engineers - India

Product Details

Narrow web corona treater is mainly used for extrusion film plant for small to wide web width and low speed.

- Compact simple construction
- Ultra high frequency
- Soft start
- Low maintenance
- Improved costs savings
- Maximum operator safety
- Easy to install
- Accurate output power
- Economical design
- User friendly

- High frequency generators are with igbt construction aluminium split box type station assembly for light weight and low corrosion.
- Manual lever and led lock mechanism for retraction of assembly.
- Force cooled converter for longer life.
- Smooth to & fro micrometric air gap adjustment facility.
- Uniform treatment through out the web width.
- Multi segmented electrode.
- Smooth to & fro micrometric air gap adjustment facility.
- Dielectric sleeve of uniform thickness.
- Can immediately switch over to full power, which reduces wastage.
- High voltage side insulator on station for high voltage cable entry to avoid short circuit problem.
- Force cooled converter for longer life.
- Fully enclosed treater station.

Optional value added features:
- Pneumatic operated treater station.
- Zero speed switches to protect silicon sleeve.
- Ozone extraction system efficiently remove ozone and to cool the electrode.
- Aluminum frame featuring stainless steel enclosure.
- Stainless steel segmented electrode.
- Bare roller system.
- Easy view windows allow clear unobstructed view of corona discharge.

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