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PTP - 2664


Specialty Flower Sleeves / Candy Bags


Mamata Machinery - India

Product Details

Mamata Machinery is one of the reputed suppliers of Plastic Bag and Pouch making Machines worldwide. We manufacture bag making machines to produce flower sleeves and other conical bags.

Brief Overview of the System:
- The unwinding station: 1500 mm (60") single station unwinder with air shaft and safety chucks, Servo tension control and motorized Roll Lifting to ensure safe mounting of Film Rolls and trouble free Web handling. The unwinder also has an edge position control (EPC) for keeping the film edge constant.
- Folding Station - A Frame: A 1500 mm (60") wide Folder (A-Frame / Triangle Frame) to convert lay flat sheet into a tubing (Sleeve).
- Double Roll Unwinder: This is an unwinding station with a provision to mount two rolls. This Unwinder is used for making sleeves with independent Top and Bottom films. The standard scope of supply includes a simple mechanical shaft with cones for roll mounting and standard spring loaded brakes. Edge guides, pneumatic shafts and safety chucks can be supplied at an extra cost.
- Attachment Platform: Attachment platform with 6 electrical and pneumatic pre wired connections to mount various punch tools and horizontal sealing blades as required for different sleeves.
- Front and Rear Servo Drive: Tail-feed roller driven by a Servo, synchronized with the main index rollers ensuring uniform tension of the film during travel through accessories platform, ensuring accurate positioning of the film at every attachment.
- Sealing station with seal heads and endless Teflon belt base: Seal heads are servo driven and fall on an endless Teflon belt. The Sealing time is settable from the Control Panel depending on the film thickness. Angle between the two Seal Heads is easily adjustable.
- Servo driven Vacuum based Conveyor Belts: Once the sleeve is formed on the Teflon base the sleeves are picked off individually from the seal base with the help of vacuum belts and transported to the dual pin stacker.
- Two blocking units for blocking Flower/Candy bunches: The blocking units are mounted one each on the left and right stacking area. Blocking Pins get actuated as soon as one stack of sleeves is complete. Timing of this device is settable as required.

- Servo driven Dual Pin Stacker: The Dual pin stacker is the last section of the machine.
The machine has necessary safety guards and is CE compliant. We also include a spares pack with the machine to cover certain consumable spares.

Attachments for Flower / Candy Sleeve Machine:
- Hot Pin Blocking on Stacker (1 No.) Punch Bank - 4 Lane with 1 Punch tool in each lane.
- Additional Punch Tool with Cylinder (per Tool).
- Micro Punch Assembly (1 No.).
- Bottom Sealer with 1 set of sealers from 90 up to 180 mm. (incremental width of 10 mm)

Top: Min. 200 mm / Max. 500 mm
Width: Min. 90 mm / Max. 200 mm
Bottom: Min. 204 mm / Max. 700 mm

We already have 3 Machines working in Europe.

For More Details Contact:
Mr. Abhijit Deshmukh
Mamata Machinery
Tel: +91 79 64507766