For Sale - PTP - 2669 - Belt Cutting Machine for FIBC


Reference Number

PTP - 2669


Belt Cutting Machine for FIBC


J P Industries - India

Product Details

For cutting the jumbo bag belts [FIBC] as per required length

Mechanical Unwinder: Unwinder Shaft - 2 nos to House 5 Spools of Belt for Unwinding

Belt Feeding Nip
- Steel Roll: 1 No
- Rubber Roll: 1 No
- Feed Nip Drive (kw): 0.37 AC

Cutting Mechanism
- Cutting: By Hot Blade
- Heaters type: Cartridge heaters
- Temperature control: By PID Temperature Controller.
- Cutter Up Down: By Pneumatic Cylinder
- Cut Length Control: Through Encoder Mounted on Nip.

For More Details Contact:
Mr. Mehul J. Nimbark
J P Industries
Tel: +91 2646 221134