For Sale - PTP - 2670 - Mouth Punching and cutting of jumbo bags. [FIBC]


Reference Number

PTP - 2670


Mouth Punching and cutting of jumbo bags. [FIBC]


J P Industries - India

Product Details

Single Station Mechanical Unwinder
- Web Width (W) X Web Dia. (D): 1550 X 1000 mm
- Tension Control: Mechanical Brake
- Web Centering: TRA frame with both side Sensing Arrangement
- Hydraulic Powerpack 0.74 (0.37 X 2)

Mouth Punching
- Fabric Infeed Arrangement 1 No metal Roll, 1 No Steel Roll
- Drive (kw) AC 0.37

Punch Assembly
- Punch Up Down By Pneumatic Arrangement
- Dancing roll: Provided

- Fabric Marking Arrangement: Side Mark, Center Mark and Horizontal Marking arrangement, With PLC provision.

- Punch Cutting: By Hot Blades
- Heat Controlled: Through Transformer by PLC
- Suction Blower: 1 No for suction of smoke while cutting
- Length Cutting: Length Cutting Arrangement Provided.

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Mr. Mehul J. Nimbark
J P Industries
Tel: +91 2646 221134