For Sale - PTP - 2786 - Multi-Purpose Side-Weld Bag Making Machine


Reference Numbers

PTP - 2786


Multi-Purpose Side-Weld Bag Making Machine



Product Details

Suitable for making rope-through bag, lateral and bottom sealing bag, shoes bag, gift bag etc.
Application Scope:
- Material: LDPE, HDPE
- Roll folding: Max width 800 mm, Max diam 500 mm
- Bagging Speed: upto 180 pcs/min
- Bagging width: 55-700 mm
- Bagging length: upto 800mm

Driver mode: Film feed step motor or servo motor AC asynchronous motor

Control mode: PLC controller, display and operation on the man-machine interface. Adopts photoelectric control

- Automatic: presetting is available
- Punching device: time can be preset, continuous or interval punchine is available
- Working mode: white, colour

Electricity-use configuration
- Power: 220V/380V
- Total: upto 4.5 KW
- Outer dimension: 6000x1650x1800 mm (LxTx H)
- Gross weight of equipment: 1500 kg