For Sale - PTP - 2982 - Pouch Making Machine for unlaminated films


Reference Number

PTP - 2982


Pouch Making Machine for unlaminated films


Mamata Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

Product Details

We offer pouch making equipments that can convert laminates / composites as well as un-supported bare polymer films with equal ease.

Mamata's Vega series all servo pouch system comes with the scope of supply which offers unique combination of the processing features which no other machine in entire world offers as the standard.

You have following five unique capabilities of processing on one machine:
- Ability to make zipper pouches in 2 lanes from co-ex nylon/EVOH based films as well as bare co-ex polymers.
- Ability to make stand-up pouches in 2 lanes from single web with zip and also conventional zipper stand-up pouches with independently printed separate gusset inserts.
- Ability to make pouches with 3 web print registration like five side seal and stand-up zipper pouches
- Ability to make centre fin seal and lap seal pouches
- Ability to add option to make slider zipper pouches at later date.

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