For Sale - PTP - 3115 - WIR - Web Inspection Rewinder


Reference Numbers

PTP - 3115


WIR - Web Inspection Rewinder


SP Ultraflex Systems (P) Limited, India

Product Details

WIR - Web inspection rewinder with shaftless unwind and rewind sections.

The web inspection rewinder WIR is primarily used to screen pre-printed material for defects such as mis-register, blade lines, shade variations etc. by means of a full width stroboscope/web video/defect detection system. The defective material is removed and only good copy is rewound to provide a 100 percent defect free reel for downstream processes.

Specific benefits: Speeds of upto 300 m/min, compact layout, shaftless unwind and rewind sections, full width stroboscope, digital edge guide equipment, trim extraction unit.

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