For Sale - PTP - 3116 - WIR OHP - Web Inspection Rewinder


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PTP - 3116


WIR OHP - Web Inspection Rewinder


SP Ultraflex Systems (P) Limited, India

Product Details

WIR OHP - Web inspection rewinder with overhead path.

The web inspection rewinder WIR OHP is an extension of the basic WIR and features an overhead path used to screen pre-printed material for defects such as mis-register, blade lines, shade variations etc. by means of a full width stroboscope/web video/defect detection system. The defective material is removed and only good copy is rewound to provide a 100 percent defect free reel for downstream processes.

Specific benefits: Speeds of upto 400 m/min, possibility of big diameters on the unwind and rewind, hygienic environment for food grade substrates, unrestricted area for web inspection, easy web threading, excellent accessibility to machine components, possibility of splice table, shaft less unwind and rewind sections with the possibility of floor lift, full width stroboscope, digital edge guide equipment, trim extraction unit.

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