For Sale - PTP - 3126 - High Speed Double Decker Bag Making Machine


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PTP - 3126


High Speed Double Decker Bag Making Machine



Product Details

High speed double decker semi automatic bottom cutting & sealing machine for HM, HMHD, LDPE, PP, BOPP bags.
- Available with clutch break system.
- High speed up to 75 strokes/min. (with ~300 bags/min in double decker option).
- Two lane double decker converts four webs.
- Designed to increase the productivity without increasing labor cost.
- DC motor for unwinding.
- Sturdy construction.
- Tension free web for strong sealing
- Also available in stepper/servo systems.
- Economical price.
- Available sizes: 24" - 28" - 32"

Optional attachment:
- Conveyor System at the front for stacking of finished bags
a. Max. bag width (inch): 22 to 26
b. Max. bag length (inch): 30
c. Production speed (Strokes/min): 50-75
d. Connected load (Approx.): 5.0 KW
e. Control: Clutch break
f. Dimension lxwxh (inch): 84x60x65 to 84x70x65
g. Weight in kg. (Approx.): 428 to 500

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