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PTP - 3210


Hydraulic Punching Machine



Product Details

Hydraulic cutter with two working position is a sort of popular cutting equipment internationally. It is mainly used for cutting whole dies vacuum hot forming products, also used for cutting packing decorating products. It can once cut whole dies product at high efficiency, it can cut overlapping multiple sheets; dies changing is quick and easy; it can cut at single or two working positions. Electric appliance, hydraulic and vacuum systems with famous international brand are selected and used.

Technical parameter:
- Effective cutting area (mm2): 1250×1100
- Max. cutting height (mm): 150
- Production efficiency (die/s): 7-15
- Cutting force (T): 120
- Capacity (KW): 11
- Weight (T): 10
- Size (m): 2.3×1.6×2.5

We also offer another model with double oil cylinder and precise four-column automated balance connecting rod structure, which can guarantee the absolutely same cutting depth of each cutting position.
- The product has the super long stroke setting, which is applicable for the cutting of super thick material and super high die cutter.
- When pressing the cutting board and touching the cutter, it can cut automatically and slowly to make that mo size error between the uppermost layer and lowermost layer of the cutting material.
- The special setting structure is equipped to assort with the cutter and cutting height to make the adjustment of stroke be simple and accurate.
- The automatic lubrication system can guarantee the machine recision and enhance machine durability.
- The motor power is very little and it can reduce more power.

Technical parameter:
- Max forming punching: 350KN
- Working stroke: 50-165mm
- Working area: 610x1600mm
- Motor power: 2.2KW
- Oil capacity: 180L
- Weight: 3100Kg

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