For Sale - PTP - 3212 - Automatic Side Sealing Bag Making Machine


Reference Numbers

PTP - 3212


Automatic Side Sealing Bag Making Machine



Product Details

The machine range includes the following:
- Main AC frequency with AC frequency drive
- Unwinder with AC frequency motor
- Micro processor controlled roll feeding
- Conveyer nylon belts driven by AC frequency motor
- Automatic bag length adjustment
- Color mark scanner with Registration attachment
- Digital counter with batch preset, alarm & totalizer
- Automatic positional stop of machine
- Control panel housing with electrical & electronics
- Temperature controller, indicating lamps etc.
- Center trimming arrangement
- Side slitting attachment
- Steel table for stacking of bags with magnetic stands

Technical specification:
- Maximum sealing width: 675mm
- Minimum draw length: 75mm
- Maximum draw length: 700mm
- Speed: 80-120 shots per min.
- Maximum roll diameter: 700
- Total connected load: 3KW
- Overall dimensions:
a. 3900 mm length
b. 1500mm width
c. 1750mm width

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