For Sale - PTP - 3331 - Narrow Web Slitting Cum Doctoring (Inspection Machine)


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PTP - 3331


Narrow Web Slitting Cum Doctoring (Inspection Machine)


C. Trivedi & Company, India

Product Details

Specially designed and developed doctoring machine to high accuracy Model Autodoct:
- Mechanical web gripper and cross cutting slot on inspection table.
- Removable slitting station
- Adjustable slitting assembly at the running speed.
- Individual drive for both rewind station synchronize with nip and slitting drive.
- Speed indicators meter per min, length counter / batch counter.
- Inspection mounting facility for strobe light and video vision. Individual slip ring for each roll.

- Web width: Up to 400 mm
- Unwind diameter: Up to 800mm
- Rewind diameter: Up to 250mm two stage
- Machine speed: 125 MPM
- Cutting: Circular and Razor Knife Inspection - 300 mm

- Edge guiding system
- Auto tension control for unwind
- Auto tension control for rewind
- Strobe Scope
- Video Scope
- Inkjet Printer
- Online Drying System
- Airshaft for unwind

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