For Sale - PTP - 3462 - Wide Width Bottom Seal Bag Making Machine


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PTP - 3462


Wide Width Bottom Seal Bag Making Machine


XL Plastics, India

Product Details

XL Plastics Wide width bottom weld machine specially designed for heavy duty LDPE and HDPE liner bags. The technology used here is quite different from the regular smaller width bottom seal machine

FLK Series Models:
a) FLK 1000 Delta
b) FLK 1500 Delta

- High speed up to 80 strokes / min.
- Servo motor for indexing and accuracy
- Flying knife system for cold cutting
- Microprocessor controlled with digital display
- Photocell control to convert printed rolls
- Impulse type wire sealing with top and bottom heating
- Constant gap between seal and cut
- Power saving - low heating load
- Auto stacking with clamping for neat stack
- Pneumatic lifting of unwind roll for easy loading
- Air cushion system for excellent stacking of long bags
- Auto conveying system

- Pneumatic handle punching assembly
- Additional unwind stand to run multiple rolls

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