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PTP - 3564


Stretch Film Slitter Model: 1002


PEE TEE Engineers, India

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PEE TEE Engineers has been manufacturing miscellaneous slitter rewinders for the film, foil and packaging material industry

One of the best-known models is the PTE Accu Splice, a universal machine, which offers various rewinding system.

PEE TEE Engineers has completely redesigned this machine maintaining, however, the decisive technical advantages.

These short are short web paths inside the machine, in particular downstream of the slitting section, which ensures excellent winding results.

Salient Features:
- Most versatile model providing combination of Duplex Center cum surface rewinding system.
- Consistently flawless slit rolls by providing center drive drum to maintain fixed minimum distance between slitting and rewind point.
- Constant line speed cause constant tension rolls.
- Two rewinding shafts carried on swinging arms are center driven through adjustable slipping clutch.
- Counter balance system to adjust pressure between rewind reels and center drum.
- Suitable for off clipper / slippery / stretchy material.
- In special case rewinding shaft can be supplied with provision of individual differential slip assembly for each slit reels.
- Slitting methods as per customer requirements like: scissor cut / crush cut (circular knives) razor blade slitting system

Center & Surface Rewinding:
The rewind shafts are center-driven with the help of Friction clutch and further drive is given to surface of winding reels by pressing them against driven surface roller.

Duplex Surface Rewinding:
Here rewinding shafts loaded with cores are pressed against driven surface roller and only surface of winding reels get positive drive from surface roller. This method provides.

Center Rewinding with Minimum Gap:
Rewind reels are center driven through friction clutches and this method provide the ability to wind off caliper materials or those that cannot be surface wound. With help of special ratchet pinions on rewind shaft carrying arms, the rewind reels are place slightly away from time-to-time, as reel diameter increases.

Center Rewinding with Fixed Gap:
This method of rewinding is similar to above mode except that Rewind Shafts are kept away from the Surface Roller at a fixed distance.

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