For Sale - PTP - 3567 - Cantilever Slitter Rewinder (Model PTE 3)


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PTP - 3567


Cantilever Slitter Rewinder (Model PTE 3)


PEE TEE Engineers, India

Product Details

Slitting and rewinding machine model Accusplice:
- Pee Tee make moveable unwind frame structure.
- Edge guiding system/line guiding system.
- Bearing bracket for Air shaft.
- Air shaft for 76mm core.
- Max. reel weight 1000 kg.
- One unwind shaft complete with reel cones, check nuts and gear (Extra.)

Slitting units:
- Type of slitting: Razor in groove slitting system. - One full width capacity grooved roller.
- Trim removal system: 2 HP blower with full width Pipe for trimming along with a trim injector unit.
- Control switch of the trim blower is incorporated in the control panel.
- Quick and easy system for change over from one slitting mode to another and from one slit width to another.

Nip unit:
- One full width capacity hard chrome plated steel roller of 170 mm diameter.
- One full width capacity rubber roller of 150 mm diameter.
- Pressure is pneumatically applied from the operation side of the machine.

- Type of rewinding: Duplex cantilever differential winding
- Max. rewind roll diameter: 900 mm
- Two rewind shafts complete with core holders, brake liners and M S washers for max. 5 cuts.
- Two lay on rollers are provided with pneumatically operated.
- Rewind, slip ring, pressure also controlled by pneumatic.

- 5 HP control for Powerpack of edge guiding.
- The control panel has controls for the speed setting, trim removal blower and emergency stop.
- One A. C. motor of 2 HP for the trim removal no lower.
- Wiring of the machine is not in the scope of supply. It has to be expected by the customer.

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