For Sale - PTP - 3569 - Duplex Center Shaft Type Slitter Rewinder


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PTP - 3569


Duplex Center Shaft Type Slitter Rewinder


PEE TEE Engineers, India

Product Details

PEE TEE Duplex Center Shaft Type Slitter Rewinder:
- Max. web width: Up to 1,200 mm
- Tension Rang.: 5 to 25 Kg.
- Unwind reel diameter: 1,000 mm
- Rewind reel diameter: 500 mm
- Max. machine speed (Design.): 200 meter / min.

1) Unwind station:
- One mechanical / automatic web guiding system (As per detail-Annex. B)
- One mechanical / automatic braking (As per detail-Annex. B)
- One unwind shaft: 50 mm diameter (50 mm)
- One set check nut, core-cone and gear

2) Main machine: Min. slit width: 100 mm

3) Type of Slitting:
- Razor cutting
- Top & bottom cutter with spacer (As per details-Annex-B)

4) Trim Removing:
- Trim injector / Tripe pipe with 1 HP Blower with one full width capacity, hard chrome plated steel

5) Nip Unit: With one full width capacity, hard chrome plated steel roller 150 mm diameter and one full width capacity 150 mm diameter synthetic rubber roll. One pressure adjusting device pneumatic for nip roller (As per details Annex-B)

6) Rewinding:
- Type of rewinding duplex differential.
- 2 nos. rewinding shaft 50 mm diameter with 2 set check nut, core cone bearing block and gear.
- Rewind control through, two clutch assembly mechanical
- Two lay on roll.
- Distance washer as per roll cut (Require)
- Individual slip ring arrangement as per require cut.
- Control panel (As per detail Annex_B)

7) Control Panel:
- Variable D, C drive or A
- C drive with blower and Powerpack control switch
- One pneumatic panel for cylinder without F. R. L Unit.

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