For Sale - PTP - 3599 - Reblowing and Gusseting Machine


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PTP - 3599


Reblowing and Gusseting Machine


Abhi Plastics, India

Product Details

Abhi Plastics High Speed 2 lines Gusseting machine consisting:
1) Hydraulic unwind device: (Web Aligner)
- Auto Tension control unwinder - the speed is following the machine speed, along with edge guide system.

2) Hot slitting device: Direct heating designed for the hot slitting.
- The temperature of heating is adjustable.
- Provide high hot-slitting output
- Easy maintenance
- Adjustable speed according to the size of the film.

3) Post gusset device: Nip roller with AC frequency driver (1200 mm width)
- Two gusset box fitting of any size.
- Pneumatically operated.
- 80 meters / min line speed

4) Winder unit: Two station center winder
- Individual torque drive with torque motor.
- Optional air shaft available
- Winding can be done of any size of gusset film.

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