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PTP - 3610


Hot Plate Welding Machines



Product Details

We offers hot plate welding machines which are the ideal solution for joining thermoplastic components. These machines are expressly designed for hermetic seals which can impart strength equaling those of parent material.
Two varieties of machines are manufactured viz. horizontal hot plate and vertical hot plate with the following salient features.
- All steel welded durable structure.
- Complete pneumatic operation
- Single or dual cylinder platen movement.
- Four temperature controllers for precision heating quality.
- Touch screen interface for program control and alarm visualization.
- Fully enclosed cabinet.
- Ventilated for fume exhaustion.
- UPS backup for cycle completion during power failures.
- Customized vacuum and slide core part retention fixtures.
- Fully adjustable heater plate with mechanical stoppers.
- Separate pressure for heating and welding cycles.

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