For Sale - PTP - 4077 - Proco Automatic Deflasher


Reference Number

PTP - 4077


Proco Automatic Deflasher


Ontario, Canada

Product Details

- Proco's Automatic Deflasher provides a cost effective solution for your automation needs.
- This relatively uncomplicated machine is considered the work horse of the Proco product line.
- The modular design provides maximum flexibility.
- The Deflasher can be supplied as part of a complete automation package, or as an individual unit.
- It can run in-line or be manually fed.

- The Deflasher punch is a heavy duty mechanism designed to remove the flash on various containers from just a few ounces up to 2 gallons.
- Guide rods ensure accurate alignment of the punch tool during the deflashing operation.
- The punch mechanism is mounted on vertical guides to permit the whole mechanism to be adjusted vertically and an embedded scale provides reference for accurate placement.
- The punch is driven by a 3 inch diameter air cylinder.
- This large cylinder can produce up to 700 lbs of force to remove large, difficult flashes easily

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