For Sale - PTP - 4106 - Foil & Cap Sealing Machine


Reference Number

PTP - 4106


Foil & Cap Sealing Machine


Eewa Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. Gujarat, India

Product Details

- We manufacture Foil & Cap Sealing Machine.
- It Seals plastics Bottles, Jars, Container, Bowl, Trays etc.
- With Foil/ Lid.
- We design the products according Technical Details.
- Our this range of machinery is Made under these categories, Manual, Pneumatic Semi automatic (PSA) & Motor Gear Operated (MGO).
- Manual Machines are operated through Hand.
- PSA series machines are design with High Production certainly with quality.
- But Needs air compressor to run the machine.
- MGO series Machines are design with Motor Gear Operated

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