For Sale - PTP - 4402 - High Speed Slitter & Rewinder


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PTP - 4402


High Speed Slitter & Rewinder


Perfect Printgraph Engineers

Product Details

Machine Elite 400 Series
Maximum Speed: 450 m.p.m.

• Asynchronous Ac Servo Motor.

• Digital Drive.

• Shaftless Unwind Station with Floor Lifting.

• Unwind “Close Loop” Brake Control.

• Easy Access to The Cutting Section.

• Active Electro Static Eliminator with Static Control Unit.

• Various Razor/Rotary/ Shear Slitting System.

• Digital Line Guide Control.

• Unloading Booms.

• Laser Core Positioning Equipment.

• Duplex Rewinding:The term duplex rewinding implies the use of two shafts for rewinding the split substrate. This ensures a positive separation between adjacent slit reels, which are wound alternately on the two shafts.

• Duplex Centre differential rewinding technology : The Differential winding technique afforded by ball shafts effectively compensates for web thickness variations by allowing each coil to rotate at the rpm suited to its diameter.

• Pneumatically Lay on rolls : Pneumatically pressured lay on rolls enable the user to vary the contact pressure and thereby produce rewind reels with the required tightness. A self-alignment mounting of these lay on rolls also compensates for a gradation in reel diameters within reasonable limit.

Machine Specification:

Web Width : 600 mm to 2200 mm

Unwind Diameter : 650 mm to 1200 mm

Maximum Rewind Diameter : 500 mm

Maximum Slitting Speed : 450 m.p.m.

Minimum Slit width : 50 mm

Unwind Core ID : 76 mm & 152 mm

Rewind Core ID : 76 mm & 152 mm


* The actual production speed will depend on the type, thickness, quality of the
material to be slitted, operator skill, etc.

**Also depends upon the customer requirement.