For Sale - PTP - 4704 - Win 400-PM Servo Driven Pouch Making Machine


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PTP - 4704


Win 400-PM Servo Driven Pouch Making Machine


Mamata Machinery



Product Details

We have Win 400-PM Servo Driven Pouch Making Machine

It is compact machine with flexibility to produce Center Fin / Over Lap Seal pouches,
Three Side Seal Pouches and Offset Fin Seal Pouches.
All sealers are reciprocating type driven by main AC motor, hence better control on sealing at center fin / over lap as well.

With limitation of Stacking quality.
Depending on Types of Bag, Material, Thickness, Width & Draw-length.
Depending on material or subject to trial.
Wide range of Unwind options are available.
Special Power Supply Condition on request.


Side Gusset Assembly
Extension Frame for Punches
Skip Facility for Longer Draw
2nd Long Sealer
Agarbatti Perforation
Pneumatic Cooling Assembly
Off-set Fin Sealing Facility
Various Punches
Customer Special Requirement

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