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PTP - 4708


Vega Plus Pouch Making Machines


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We have Vega Plus Pouch Making Machine

Processability of wide Variety of Pouch Styles on Single Platform :

Vega Plus Pouch makers are our Top of the line offering with all servo Technology offering significant process advantages in term of Pouch Styles and films and materials.

Its modular design allows freedom to adapt to differing conversion needs and process Supported Films (Laminates) and Un-supported Co-Ex films or Recyclable films with equal ease.

It can process several varieties of three side seal pouches or press to close zipper and stand up pouches or side gusseted quad seal or lap seal pouches and even Flat Bottom Pouches.

With Unwinds to insert separate Bottom or side gusset films, it can do Registered Bottom Gussets or Side Gussets for a stand-up Pouch or a quad seal Pouch.
We offer registration control for up to 4 separate Films.

With the adjustable Double cut facility, it would also run notch-less Rounded corner retort Pouches as well as full Bleed Pouches with adjustable size of double cut slit straight from the Control Panel.
No mechanical hassles involved.

Highlighting Features:-
Zone wise Tension control with Precision and consistency
All servo Unique Sealing system
Unique zipper sealing system
Intelligent User Friendly Control system
Processability of wide variety of Pouch styles on single platform

Special application configuration:-
Flat Bottom Pouch Making Machine
True flat bottom Pouch
Output up to 150 Pouches per Minute
Compact machine Foot Print and shorter Film Path
Ease of Setting and savings on wastage
Option of 1 or 2 up pouches
All side films Print registration

PW - Processing width
Refer Detailed Specifications for pouch types.
Depending on Types of Bag, Material, Thickness, Width &
Some structures of film may not be suitable for processing all types of Pouches.
We need to take process trials in such cases.
Please consult us for other film types.
The Machine weight given is indicative only.

Please choose the Pouch type you wish to make and add attachments/ accessories from following list...

1520 mm (60") Servo driven Unwind (for 610 mm (24") wide Machines)

Additional Unwinds to run separate top and Bottom Webs

Multipurpose seal Module 1 for Pre-seal, K seal, Cross seal etc. (1 or 2 stations)

Multipurpose seal Module 2 with 100 mm Platen

Multipurpose seal Module 3 with 50 x 410 mm or 100 x 410 mm Platens

Extra Rubber Base or top for seal bars

Additional seal tools for Long seal / transverse seal Module
Additional zip seal tools
Additional shape seal tools for Stand-up Pouches

“V” Notch Punch • Round Hole Punch
Rounded Corner Punches (half cut and full cut)
Euro Hole (Mexican Hat) Punch • Tear Slit Punch
Carry Handle Punch • “V” Cut Punch for Flap

Double Cut Capability for Notch-less rounded corners or Full Bleed Printed pouches

Dual Auto stacker

System for Header Pouches

System for Chevron Pouches

Ultrasonic Zip Crushing System for 1-up or 2-up

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