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Extruded Nylons

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Extruded Nylons

Details: Nylons were the first of the thermoplastic engineering resins.
- Nylon 6/6 and Nylon 6 are the most widely used Nylon plastics.
- Nylon 6 properties are similar to Nylon 6/6, but it absorbs moisture more rapidly and has a lower melting point.

Key Features
- 100 C Continuous Use Temperature
- High Strength, stiffness and toughness
- Good wear and abrasion Resistance
- Outstanding chemical resistance
- Low coefficient of friction
- Easily Machined and Fabricated

Typical Applications
- Bushings and bearings
- Pistons and valves
- Rollers and wheels
- Electrical components
- Food processing equipment components
- Sheaves and pulleys
- Gears, sprockets, and star wheels
- Pump components
- Wear pads and Wear strips
- Valve Seats

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