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Manufacturers of plastic products, plastic packaging, industrial plastics products, finished and semi finished plastic products and goods. Source, manufacturers and exporters of plastic houseware, products, films, plastic bags, pipes, preforms, bottles, furniture, woven sacks and plastic packaging

Plastic Packaging Products, Furniture, Houseware, Films, Sheets and Bags

Agricultural and Horticultural Products

Corrugated Pipes 
Drip Irrigation Parts (3)
Garden Hoses and Flexible Pipes (1)
Pipes and Plastic Pipe Fittings (24)
Sprinklers (3)

Bags and Pouches of Laminates and Plastic Films

Bags - Industrial Poly Bags (19)
Bags Plastic (43)
Flexible Pouches (13)
Garbage Bags (9)
Zippers and Zip Lock Bags (9)

Building and Construction Material

Aluminium Composite Panels (1)
Bath Tub (2)
Construction Equipment 
Corrugated Sheets (2)
Doors Plastic (3)
Drainage Pipes (4)
Electrical Pipes and Fittings 
Flooring Tiles Plastic Sheets for Heating and Insulation (2)
Plastic Products for Building and Construction - Others (1)
Prefabricated Cabins (2)
Sanitary Ware 
Surface Materials in Plastics (3)
Tarpaulin (3)
Water pipes and fittings (5)
Windows and PVC Window Profiles (1)

Components for Finished Goods

Handles (5)
Steel Tiffin Boxes (1)
Taps (1)

Consumer Products Others

Decorative Articles / Advertisement and Promotional Products (7)
Disposables Plastic (6)
Fashion Accessories and Jewelry (1)
Footware in Plastics (1)
Lighting and Fixtures (3)
Mats and Carpets (4)
Musical Instruments 
Picture Frames (1)
Sports and Leisure goods (1)
Toys and Games (4)
Travelling Goods (3)

Films Sheets and Fabrics of Plastic

ABS Sheets (7)
BOPP Films (44)
Bubble Films (6)
Calendered Films (4)
Cast PP Films (CPP) (6)
Cast Sheet (2)
Cling Film (12)
Cross Laminated films (1)
Decorative Films 
EVA Films (4)
Flute Board (3)
Foam Films and Foam Sheets (22)
Greenhouse, Agricultre and Mulch Film  (5)
Holographic Films (5)
Hot Stamping Foils (4)
Lacquered Films 
Laminated Films, Paper and Fabric (35)
Metallised film (4)
Monolayer Films and Tubings (7)
Multi Layer Plastic Films (20)
Perforated Films 
PET Films (22)
PTFE Films Sheets Fabric and Plates (8)
PU Films and Sheets 
PVC Films (51)
PVC Leather Cloth, Upholstery, Flooring (4)
Sheets Acrylic (5)
Sheets PE (20)
Sheets Plastic (26)
Sheets Polycarbonate (31)
Sheets Polypropylene (16)
Sheets Polystyrene (12)
Shrink Film (20)
Specialty Films (10)
Stretch Film (30)
Tapes and Plastic Coated Fabrics (39)
Wide Width Films (3)

Furniture Made From Plastics

Cabinets (2)
Castors and Wheels (1)
Chairs Plastic (31)
Plastic Stool (13)
Tables (21)

Houseware Products of Plastics

Airtight Containers for Food (8)
Baby Feeding Bottles and Baby Care Products (1)
Basin and Plastic Tubs (9)
Baskets for Kitchen Picnic and Shopping (22)
Bowls (14)
Boxes Plastic for Storage (12)
Brushes, Brooms and Plastic Bristles (27)
Buckets and Mugs (56)
Cabinets Plastics 
Drums for Household (3)
Dustbins and Waste Paper Baskets (29)
Flasks Plastic (26)
Food Containers (30)
Garbage and Trash Bins (3)
Gifts for Take Away (3)
Glasses Plastic 

Houseware Products of Plastics

Hangers (10)
Ice Boxes Insulated Boxes (7)
Jugs and Glasses (50)
Laundry Baskets (3)
Other Houseware (78)
Planters and Flower Pots (12)
Plates and Dinnerware (1)
Serving Trays (17)
Spoons, Plastic Forks, Plastic Knives - Plastic Cutlery (10)
Stands and Plastic Racks (6)
Thermoware Insulated (33)
Tiffins, Lunch Boxes and Carriers (25)
Trolleys Plastic (1)
Water Bottles, Picnic Bottles and School Bottles (17)
Water Coolers (5)

Industrial Parts of Plastics

AC Bodies (1)
Aerospace Industry Parts 
Automotive Parts - Plastic (6)
Bicycle Parts - Plastic 
Capacitor Components 
Clocks and Watch Cases 
Compact Discs (1)
Computer Peripheral Parts 
Dip Molded PVC Products (9)
Engineering Components (3)
Engineering Plastic Parts (13)
Garment and Collar Accessories (4)
Gears and Plastic Gear Box Assembly (3)
Kitchen Equipment Body 
Motor Cooling Fans (1)
Plastic Credit Cards 
Plastic Magnets 
Scientific and Lab Articles (1)
Stocks Shapes Rods and Profiles (56)
Telecom Components 
Telecom Parts 
Textile Industry Parts (8)
TV and Audio Bodies 
Valve and Fittings (1)
White Goods 
Wire and Cables (7)
Zerox Components 

Medical Products

Bags for Medical Use (1)
Medical Tubings (1)
Syringes (2)

Pipes, Hoses, Tubings and Sleevings

Composite Multilayer Plastic Pipes (1)
Corrugated Pipes (3)
Drainage Pipes (7)
Electrical Pipes and Fittings (4)
HDPE Pipes (13)
Plastic Hoses (40)
Plastic Tubes (4)
PPR Pipes (3)
PVC Pipes (10)
Tubings (14)
Water Pipes and Fittings (14)

Plastic Packaging Products

Bottles - Plastic (32)
Box Strapping (8)
Boxes, Bags Fabricated from PP, PVC (5)
Caps and Plastic Closures (11)
Corrugated Boxes 
Cosmetics and Toiletries  
Crates (27)
Cups and Containers (1)
Drums Plastic for Packaging (25)
FIBC and Jumbo Woven Bags (14)
Foam Containers (3)
Jars and Carboys (13)
Jerry Cans (8)
Labels (8)
Leno Bags (4)
Liners Plastic (9)
Nets and Plastic Net Products (19)
Pails of Plastic for Paint Lubricants (1)
Pallets Plastic (22)
PET Preforms (25)
Shrink Sleeves and Labels (15)
Sprayers Dispensers Pumps (6)
Steel Reinforced Pallets (18)
Sutli and Cords (1)
Thermoformed Plastic Packaging Trays (17)
Thin Wall Plastic Containers (22)
Wads (11)
Woven Bags and PP Woven Sacks (31)

Stationery Products

Calenders and Diaries 
Clips (2)
Files and Folders (9)
Miscellaneous Stationery (15)
Scales and Pencil Boxes (16)
Synthetic Plastic Paper (2)
Writing Instruments, Pens (6)

Plastic Products Others

FRP Products (1)
Lighters (1)
Non Woven Plastics (20)
Tanks and Reservoirs for Storage and Transport (26)
Thermoformed Products (4)
Tubs Containers for Storage and Transportation (3)
Yarns Fibres Plastic Ropes and Twines (22)