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New European eco-design guidelines for HDPE bottles to bring HDPE recycling... (18-4-2012)
EuPR, the Brussels based organisation representing plastics recyclers in Europe has developed NEW European eco-design guidelines for HDPE bottles in order to bring HDPE recycling to new horizons. According to Christian-Yves Crépet, EuPR HDPE Working Group Chairman, “HDPE is a very good and easily recyclable material”. Today, only around 300,000 tons of HDPE bottles are being recycled annually in Europe. Unfortunately, this only represents 10% to 15% of the HDPE waste generated in Europe. This situation can be rectified by addressing various aspects such as “an increase in the collection rates, the design of HDPE products put on the market and the technological improvements made by recyclers”.
In order to meet higher plastics recycling targets set out in EU legislation, more plastics material needs to go for recycling within the next 5 years. Regarding the eco-design, these EuPR guidelines have been developed with the aim of getting a good quality recyclate that can be used again in new products such as, for example, milk bottles with food contact recyclate grades according to existing EU legislation. “The various actors of the HDPE value chain must NOW cooperate together in order to get HDPE on the path to sustainability” said Mr. Crépet. EuPR is ready to take a leading role to promote more recycling of HDPE in Europe, but in order to achieve this EuPR needs closer cooperation from brand owners who care about the sustainability of HDPE bottles.
Body Container HDPE   PS
Colours Colourless Colours, Black inner layer Black
Barrier     EVOH, PA, PVDC
Additives     Additived making material
density >1 g/cm3
Label Direct printing Laser marked Production or expiry date Any other direct printing
Labels HDPE, LDPE, PP Paper, PET Material density >1 g/cm3 (PVC, PS), metallised materials
Sleeves PE PP, PET and PET-G, PE stretch sleeves, Shrink sleeves with perforations and revealing a significant % of HDPE bottle Material density >1 g/cm3 (PVC, PS, PET-G and other materials), metallised materials, heavily inked sleeves
Adhesives Water soluble (<80°C)   Pressure sensitive, self adhesive labels
Inks Non toxic, follow EUPIA Guidelines   Inks that bleed, toxic or hazardous
Closure Caps HDPE/LDPE/PP   Material density >1 g/cm3, metals
Liners, seals & valves HDPE, LDPE, PE+EVA, PP, Silicon with density <1 g/cm3   Material with density >1 g.cm3 (e.g. PS, PVC, EVAwith aluminium)
Tamper evidence wraps PE, PP, OPP, EPS (density <1 g/cm3) Aluminium that can be pealed out Metal, foiled paper
Other components Base cup, handles or other components which are separated during grinding and have a material density W1 g/cm3   Materials with density >1 g/cm3, metals, RFIDtags and other plastics density >1 g/cm3

Comment: Towards end of consumption the content of the container should be easily emptied.
Version: 30th March 2012

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